Kattana :- A bridge between CeFi and DeFi

Kattana Meme

Kattana Trade

What Kattana Offers

  1. In a single tab you’re going to follow up to 8 charts for assets traded on more than 40 DEX’s
  2. No need to go to UniSwap, 1inch or ParaSwap. Trade right within the terminal of Kattana.
  3. There will be 3 types of limit orders to make our DEX trading more effective. (Limit Market Order, Limit Order, CE-DE order)
  4. Simple and professional user interface of smooth interaction with the Kattana Terminal.
  5. All the latest news related to cryptcurrency
  6. Trading analysis of Erc-20 address which simply means you’ll be getting a P&L charts for your transactions.






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Rajan Kashyap

Rajan Kashyap

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